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Welcome to our Squad Headquarters :). We are happy that you have visited our website. We are always open for suggestions as well as a nice pleasant chat over facebook, yahoo/gmail messenger chats.

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We offer great competitions. If you can smoke us best out of three, we are happy to play again the next day. If youd like to join the squad, you have to beat the squad leader and his team partner in best out of four. Fun is our main priority. we do promotions and demotions. The squad leader likes to include the whole team in the decision making and if to let recruits into he squad.

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The Splinter Cell Series

11/04/2013 10:52
The Splinter Cell Series is another video game we like to play. No, there is no co-op campaign, but there is a split screen and theres online multiplayer. We play the multiplayer mostly in squads of three or four depending on the game mode of the multiplayer option. We dont play Splinter Cell series as much as the other games like Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  

Visitors Notice

27/03/2013 20:52
WELCOME Welcome to the Please send an email for improvements. Or use contact him by facebook : kik: brotherhoodcrime When shall we play? Which game shall we play?

Website launched

27/03/2013 20:51
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Call of Duty

27/03/2013 18:39
   Call of Duty is another video game we like to play as a team. We play the most recent Call of Duty's like Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2. We play like a team. Communication is manditory. we try and keep up to date with our individual loses, wins, kills, deaths everytime we play. We can play the championships but dont have anytime to do so.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

27/03/2013 18:10
Ghost Recon Recon is a video game that we play alot as a team/squad. We have clan wars against other clans/squads. Most of the time we play as a team with communication, we win almosat every game online as a team. We imvite each other to various games